Aerospace and Defence Industries Special Process

Aerospace and Defence Industries Special Process

The Aerospace and Defense industry's special processes are a subset of the industry supply chain that encompasses all processes that change the material, surface, or physical integrity of a product through mechanical, thermal, and chemical activities. These processes include machining, welding, coatings, plating, anodizing, and testing. Their role in the production of aircraft parts is very crucial, and any defects are unacceptable. Bharath Electro Chem has achieved the amount of detail attention in aerospace and defence industry's special process that results in the highest level of quality control. Instead of attempting to handle these particular capabilities in-house, most industry parts suppliers preferred to outsource them. Clearly, this is a job for specialized shops. To be successful in this field, a separate culture is required, comprising specifically trained individuals who master all elements of quality control. Not every organization can demonstrate the ability to navigate the rigorous path of becoming a certified provider of "Aerospace and Defense industry special processes."

• We accept the most complex and difficult challenges from our clients and successfully meet them. We feel that the only option is a success.

• We anticipate continuous improvement and progress as knowledge and processing technology advance.

• The Special Process Department strives to provide customers with the most effective plating and finishing solutions worldwide.