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We are one of the leading professionally managed Metal Finishing in Small Scale Industry located at Bangalore. We are “ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL YOUR PLATING NEEDS” with the full range of plating services that we provide.

We are in the Metal Finishing process for a variety of metals/surface treatment combinations with constant up gradation & innovation to state of the art technology.

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Serving For Reel to Reel Industry

Bharath Electro Chem (BEC) offers the reel-to-reel plating method of electroplating, This reel-to-reel plating process can plate strips of manufactured products or reels of raw material before they are stamped into parts.

BEC offers the "plate all over" reel-to-reel method for copper, nickel, gold, tin, and Silver. We offer the selective strip and controlled depth reel-to-reel plating methods for gold, tin, and Silver. BEC has invested heavily in its reel-to-reel plating processes to ensure high quality, on-time, and economical electroplating. We employ highly trained plating operators who specialize in the reel-to-reel plating method of electroplating to ensure your most stringent requirements are met. Our capabilities range from small one-reel jobs to large production runs for flat stock, continuous stampings, and bandoliered parts. Reel size is limited to 25kg to 1 ton.

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