Zinc Nickel Plating With Different Passivation

Zinc Plating with Trivalent Passivation

What is Zinc-Nickel?

Zinc-Nickel is a high performance coating that offers exceptional corrosion resistance particularly for parts used in harsh environments.

Alloying Nickel with Zinc creates a unique composition that will corrode slower than zinc alone. With a makeup of approximately 10-15% nickel and the remainder zinc, this alloy coating can provide up to ten times the protection of conventional zinc plating.

Zinc Nickel Large PartsThere is an increasing demand across industries for the high-corrosion resistance of Zinc-Nickel due to factors such as extended product warranties, longer life cycle requirements, more stringent safety standards and reduction of environmental impact. Zinc-Nickel is routinely specified for the following applications:

  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Oil + Gas
  • Automotive
  • Hydraulics
  • Electrical Transmission

It is also a suitable alternative to Cadmium Plating, a common finish utilized in highly-corrosive environments. Cadmium plating has been phased out due to its environmental concerns, and for many companies has been effectively replaced by Zinc Nickel.

Common Specifications standards we do

  • ASTMB841
  • SAE AMS 2417
  • ASTM F1941