Hard Anodizing

Hard Anodizing

Hardcoat Anodize or simply Hard Anodize is a dense anodic coating of aluminum oxide applied by converting a properly cleaned and deoxidized aluminum alloy component into an oxide film using a suitable electrolyte, typically sulfuric acid cooled to nearly freezing, and applied voltages upwards of 100 volts at an applied current density of 24-36 amps per square foot.

Hardcoat Anodize is Type III which is done under more exacting process conditions resulting in a harder, denser, thicker, and more abrasion resistant coating. Hardcoat thicknesses can vary from 0.0005 to 0.0030” and beyond but is dependent on the specific alloy being anodized

We are processing specifications that cover Hardcoat Anodize

MIL-A-8625, Type III

AMS 2469

ASTM B580, Type A

ISO 10074

MIL-A-63576 ( PTFE Sealed )

AMS 2482 ( PTFE Sealed )